On Reflection: January 2019 Truths That Are No Longer Mine


As a society, we engage in a hypocritical game when it comes to growth.

We like to mock our previous selves with self-deprecating photos and jokes, mocking the authenticity we used to adore. While simultaneously urging growth and hustle and daily betterment in our present selves. When do the scales tip? When does the person you are today become a punchline? The answer should be never. Growth is stunningly beautiful, radically raw, and a gift we are given through our humanity.

In honor of my ever-evolving self, here are ten truths about me that felt self-defining in January of 2019, but are no longer true.


+ the NYC subway scares me {this one expired quickly, thank goodness}

+ I don’t want to have children {I don’t know when, but there was a switch and now I want three little rug rats — you’re welcome, Mom}

+ I am considering going back to hormonal BC {never again}

+ I don’t have a strong group of girlfriends {it’s never too late to make new friends}

+ I am struggling to see what unique thing I can offer to the blogging space {I am unique, therefore if I bring something authentic to me it’s inherently unique}

+ I have never kicked a rat {August 12, 2019 — never forget}

+ I feel guilty about moving away from my family {I did what was best for me and I know my family supports that}

+ I wrestle with imposter syndrome daily {it’s more of a once and a while thing now… and getting more and more infrequent}

+ I am not interested in being married until I am 30 {I’m interested in taking next steps when it feels right, regardless of age}

+ I don’t think I’ve accomplished enough, for my age {I’m proud of what I’ve done and where I’m going}

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