12 little things that made up my year.


JANUARY {this apartment, and getting to choose it as I moved 250 miles from home}


FEBRUARY {the cinnamon on top of this latte, a last at my favorite DC café before the move}


MARCH {this pothos and all its propagated babies slowly filling my apartment}


APRIL {this sink of flowers, for the blog’s first international brand partnership with La Mer}


MAY {the greenery incasing this home in my neighborhood}


JUNE {this sunset, welcoming me home every evening}


JULY {this embroidery, crafted by my grandmother for all her grandchildren}


AUGUST {these noodles, for being one of the only things to get me out of the apartment on 100 degree days}


SEPTEMBER {these icecreams on a perfect beach day}


OCTOBER {this view at the end of every morning run}


NOVEMBER {this license, from when my grandfather was a Baltimore taxi driver in the 1950s}


DECEMBER {this first sourdough loaf, on the last day of the decade}


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