Additional Offerings

In-person birth support isn’t for everyone! Below are a collection of offerings that may better suit your needs.
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Reborn Ritual

The Reborn Ritual will bring you back as you prepare to step forward. Leave behind all the little tensions that have built up your body after nearly 10 months of nurturing, nourishing, and growing life. Look ahead to your birth with a clear mind, strong intention, and the knowledge that your body was made for this. This ritual is carefully designed to support your emotional regrounding and physical rebalancing as you are reborn into motherhood (for the first, second, third, … time).

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Birth Vision Session

A private 1.5 hour session, held virtually via zoom, crafted to leave you feeling confident about your upcoming birth. We will cover the options you have surrounding all aspects of your labor + birth and the evidence-based risks and benefits of each preference. It’s never too late to be informed! At the conclusion of the session, you will be sent a link to an editable Visual Labor + Birth Preferences Guide.

This offering may be shifted to better serve your needs. Ex: 3 1-hour sessions for an agreed upon rate.

Child Birth Education

Take a deeper dive into the mechanics and nuances of pregnancy, labor, and birth over a private 4-hour course held virtually via zoom. Remove the fears of the unknown and learn more about what is happening within your body and what laboring & birthing options are available.

Phases and Stages of Labor • Proactive Waiting • Comfort Techniques • Managed Birth • Unexpected Outcomes • Golden Hour • Postpartum Body & Support

Doula Notes (email series)

Starting to feel overwhelmed with preparing for labor + birth? This is for you.
This 10-part email series is designed to guide you through the second half of your pregnancy. Emails are sent every two weeks with the final email hitting your inbox at week 38.

Topics covered include: 2 Reiki Mindfulness + Grounding Exercises, What to Expect: Third Trimester, Postpartum Planning Guide, Physical + Mental Preparations for Labor + Birth, Breastfeeding Prep, and more.

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I was so scared and fearful going into my birth. Birth itself has always scared me and I just wanted to skip it. Having Molly there was just… the best. She was so thoughtful and attentive to every little detail. She always had a suggestion or new position we could try and just her energy in the room was great. When my epidural hurt the nurse said there was nothing that they could do and Molly suggested a heating pad or ice pack. It was exactly what I needed. Dad said that when Molly showed up, got on the ground with me, and started talking that he felt a huge sense of relief. She was always calm and it made us calmer.

Isabelle T.

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