Manifesting Moments : A Sacred Pause

    18 January 2020


    Last week, I published this piece and ever since can’t help but continually think about taking a sacred pause. Through my day of living in a city of 8.6 million, being packed like a sardine each time I use the subway to migrate around the city, and never quite having a “quiet moment” I seem to be craving it more than ever. Instead of trying to squeeze an hour of meditation into my already 25-hour day I want to cultivate a soft extension of that sacred pause. A way to experience a gentle pause, in snatches, throughout the day.


    A few bits to help you create a sacred pause in your day:

    clear your home’s energy.

    a calming scent for a mid-day escape.

    a soft place to land.

    the gentle chime of a mediation’s end.

    fill your home with tranquil bergamot.

    a moment to yourself at the end of the day.

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