About Molly

Molly Landolt is an experienced Birth Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor, and Reiki healer living in and serving native Anacostan and Piscataway territories (Washington, DC).

Her journey in birth began with attending homebirths at the start of 2020. Her early work gave her a deep understanding and respect for physiological birth. Molly is dedicated to helping women reunite with their higher wisdom, understand their bodies, unearth their intuitive listening, and birth on their terms, however that may look.

Molly has been mentored by powerful women her entire life, including her grandmothers, mother, and three sisters. She is proud to carry that lineage, serving as a doula mentor and energy healer. She is honored to be mentored by doula, author, and Carriage House Birth co-founder Lindsey Bliss and to serve an educator in the Bija birth community. Molly has been featured in Hatch, on The Live Journal podcast, and served as an advisor to GWU Milken Institute of Public Health on the maternal health crisis in DC.

Through her work Molly has guided nearly 200 families, supporting everything from homebirth to cesareans. When not attending or working with clients, you can find her holed up in a tea shop, baking something new, trail running, or sharing cuddles with family.

Read her personal statement here.

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Every effort is made to promote the work of independent brands, small businesses, and companies owned by a diverse group of makers, designers, and businesspeople. I am especially interested in uplifting the work of women, people of color, and underrepresented groups.


I offer a 10% discount on full-price (Tier I) services to persons of color. I acknowledge how white supremacy and colonization have stolen wealth and wisdom from people of color, turning a huge profit that is never returned. This is my small contribution to reparations.

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