the big sister you never had

Molly Shephard is a twenty-something, extroverted introvert living in NYC. Her approach to writing is informed by her background in Philosophy and each post aims to present a clear argument for why things appear the way they do and how to move forward. You can find her editing her latest blog post, dancing to Springsteen in the kitchen, deep in a feminist theory essay, or sneaking a second espresso at her favorite café.


with Molly spans from minimalist living, sustainable practices, beauty, wellness, to an advice column. WM’s mission is, simply, to show the beauty in simplicity. Simple loving, simple living. Take the game out of relationships, move away from the 15-step beauty routine, embrace conscious consumption. Too often women are taught to feel shame about wanting to feel beautiful or being ambitious or being fearless in their passions. We aim to be a resource, a soundboard, and to let women know they always have someone in their corner. Leave this blog with a new perspective, feeling full of possibility.




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