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Molly Landolt is a Wellness Writer, Energy Healer, Acupressurist, and Seasoned Birth Doula.

Her work began in New York City as a Birth Doula and Lactation Counselor, later moving to Washington, DC to develop her private practice. Through her practice Molly has worked with more than 150 families supporting everything from homebirth to cesareans. The deeper Molly ventured into the world of birth the more she found a severance between the self and higher wisdom, with many women relying on empirical data to validate their intuition.

This realization prompted a call to energy work, and a passion to help women understand their bodies, unearth their intuitive listening, and heal energetically. In her work, Molly has helped hundreds of women tap into their inner knowing. She believes anytime women gather it is a sacred time to ground, center, and receive higher wisdom from within.

Molly has been mentored by powerful women her entire life, including her grandmothers, mother, and three sisters. She is proud to carry that lineage, serving as a Doula mentor and energy healing guide.

When not attending or working with clients, you can find her holed up in a tea shop, baking something new, trail running, or sharing cuddles with family.

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I offer a 10% discount on all services to all persons of color. I acknowledge how white supremacy and colonization have stolen wealth and wisdom from people of color, turning a huge profit that is never returned. This is my small contribution to reparations.

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