the big sister you never had


Molly Shephard is a twenty-something, extroverted introvert living in NYC. Her approach to writing is informed by her background in Philosophy and each post aims to present a clear argument for why things appear the way they do and how to move forward. You can find her editing her latest blog post, dancing to Springsteen in the kitchen, deep in a feminist theory essay, or sneaking a second espresso at her favorite café.

As someone who both has a big sister and is a big sister, Molly appreciates the value of having a woman, 10 years further down the path, to lean on. with Molly evolved to be a resource that fills the “big sister” void so many young women have. Articles span everything from skincare, to dating & relationships, to feminine power, to sex & feminine care education. Every Wednesday brings a new edition of dear Molly, a column that grew organically from Instagram DMs, where Molly provides a new perspective on a particularly challenging aspect of a young woman’s life. Often referred to as a “Modern Carrie Bradshaw” she answers submitted questions about dating, sex, finding confidence, and more.

WM’s mission is simply to be a resource, a soundboard, and to let women know they always have someone in their corner. Women are taught to feel shame about wanting to feel beautiful or being ambitious or being fearless in their passions. Molly wants women to leave this blog with a new perspective, feeling full of possibility.


with Molly has worked with several lifestyle and beauty brands including La Mer, Amika, Maude, Bloomi, and more. Please reach out for case studies and previous work examples.