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with Molly is a beauty & wellness blog that dives into the connection between the mind and the body. Between inner and outer beauty.

Too much of the time women are taught to feel shame about wanting to feel beautiful. As much as beauty is valued in our culture, the steps to embrace your beauty are considered “vapid” or “superficial”. Embracing my beauty was and is a lifelong challenge. In 2012, I developed bulimia as a side effect of trying to be the “perfect” person. It ruled me for five long years and continues to test me today.

The journey to self-love is more complex than looking in the mirror and repeating “I love myself” 12 times. It’s a long path that you take steps down every day. The mission here is empowerment. To give you the tools and tips to feel like your most beautiful, powerful self and hopefully help you in your journey toward self-love.



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with Molly has worked with several lifestyle and beauty brands including La Mer, Amika, Frank Body, and more. Please reach out for case studies and previous work examples.