Birth Support (Three Packages)

My hope as your doula is that as you move through this intimate journey to motherhood — for the first, second, third, … time — you always feel informed, supported, and cared for by those surrounding you. As your guide in the birth space, my goal is to help you achieve a healthy and satisfying birth experience and to process any emotions that may follow.

With three birth support packages, I hope to meet you where you are and offer the support you desire. PLEASE NOTE: I ONLY ACCEPT 2 CLIENTS PER MONTH.

Packages $2,100 – $3,200
Fertility Doula Support

1 in 6 couples experience infertility. The journey to conceiving a child can sometimes be long, difficult, and lonely – but it doesn’t have to be! I offer holistic emotional and informational support along your journey to conception whether you’ve just begun trying, you’ve just received an infertility diagnosis, or are doing IVF. As a seasoned birth doula and Reiki practitioner, I can support you through the early weeks of pregnancy (or beyond) as well!

Review fertility history and discuss goals to assess ways to optimize fertility • Examine any limiting beliefs that may be a hindrance in your fertility journey • Develop a Balance Statement to help you change your mindset • Review your and your partner’s diet and other lifestyle practices • Reiki energy healing

À la carte Sessions$75/hr
Monthly Support Package$350
Abortion + Loss Doula Support

Whether experiencing loss by choice, miscarriage, stillbirth, or diagnosis you deserve support at every step of the way. Together we will navigate the nebulous emotions that surround loss, aiming not to heal but simply to allow. Grief has no timeline and neither does this offering, it is available to you at any moment throughout the loss journey. 20m Reiki healing included.

Donation Based

I was so scared and fearful going into my birth. Birth itself has always scared me and I just wanted to skip it. Having Molly there was just… the best. She was so thoughtful and attentive to every little detail. She always had a suggestion or new position we could try and just her energy in the room was great. When my epidural hurt the nurse said there was nothing that they could do and Molly suggested a heating pad or ice pack. It was exactly what I needed. Dad said that when Molly showed up, got on the ground with me, and started talking that he felt a huge sense of relief. She was always calm and it made us calmer.

Isabelle T.

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