My Philosophy of Birth

I never had a ‘this is my calling’ moment because in my bones I’ve always been a doula, a giver, a sister, a person to lean on. I love all aspects of what I do, whether it’s physically holding hips or emotionally holding space.

Within my practice I try to achieve a 50:50 balance of the spiritual, energetic with the scientific, evidence-based. As I learn more about you, our conversations shift to augment the type of support that best resonates with you and supports your goals. I fully believe that all pregnant persons have an innate inner-knowing that is a powerful guide through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Our time together will emphasize self-discovery as we listen to your intuition, practice mindfulness & breathwork, energetic healing & support, and prepare for a birth as unique as you.

PLEASE NOTE: I only accept 2 clients per month and often book out several months in advance. If you would like to work together I recommend starting the conversation early!

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