My Philosophy of Birth

My hope as your doula is that when we go through vulnerable and new experiences together, you always feel informed, supported, and cared for by the people surrounding you.

I never had a ‘this is my calling’ moment because in my bones I’ve always been a doula, a giver, a sister, a person to lean on. I love all aspects of what I do, whether it’s physically holding hips or emotionally holding space.

Within my practice I try to achieve a 50:50 balance of the spiritual, energetic with the scientific, evidence-based. As I learn more about you, our conversations shift to augment the type of support that best resonates with you and supports your goals. I fully believe that all pregnant persons have an innate inner-knowing that is a powerful guide through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Our time together will emphasize self-discovery as we listen to your intuition, practice mindfulness & breathwork, energetic healing & support, and prepare for a birth as unique as you

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