This is for those…
• looking to dig deeper into their introspection
• seeking guidance about turbulent life moments
• in need of a listening ear, gentle nudge, and productive feedback
• making mindset, spiritual, career, or creative shifts

Sessions include…
• exploration of your unique situation
• potentials + limiting beliefs
• realities
• ways to recognize your divine potential
• how to honor yourself daily
• grounding
• intuition
• balancing stillness + movement
• the synergy of the above

This is not a group mentorship.
This is a relationship.

Each relationship is unique to you 🦋 so there is no standard package. We will marry your expectations with my expertise to develop a fair exchange, together. ⚖️ Finding a balance where both parties are innately valued and beautifully respected.

Available anywhere via Zoom. In-person option for those in DC.

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