On Nourishing: Caring for Yourself During a Quarantine

  I feel like I have seen dozens of posts like this go up on the past week, so was hesitant to create my own. However, something about several of the blog posts I’ve read regarding self-care over this quarantine don’t sound like self-care to me. They sound like work. They sound overwhelming. So IContinue reading “On Nourishing: Caring for Yourself During a Quarantine”

Sustain: women-led period care & sexual wellness

  Back in October, I had the opportunity to spend an evening with Sustain (the newest addition to the Grove Collaborative marketplace), a sexual wellness company that makes shame-free products for periods, sex and body. I was fascinated by what their founder, Meika Hollender, said about the current industry standard (or lack thereof) in feminineContinue reading “Sustain: women-led period care & sexual wellness”

On Nourishing: Small Ways to Destress

  Without the reward of a post-week, poolside margarita, stress can really compound. Especially as September is just as important as a new year, and there’s a lot going on. Add these ten little tricks to your daily schedule to stay stress-free, year round.   Morning Rituals Mornings set the tone for the day. BrewContinue reading “On Nourishing: Small Ways to Destress”