Sustainable Wears: 12 High Quality, Slow Fashion Brands

I want my closet to be an externalization of my internal beliefs. If you don’t believe in child labour and poor working conditions, if you fight for social justice in your country, how can you justify wearing a brand that exploits people in other countries? If you use a metal straw and are a diligentContinue reading “Sustainable Wears: 12 High Quality, Slow Fashion Brands”

Tiny Closet: only buying from sustainable brands

  Several weeks ago I wrote this post, highlighting my favorite slow fashion brands.  I’ve shopped at many of these brands for years, particularly Everlane, but only lately have I made sustainable brands my only clothing option. Up until now, I’ve still occasionally purchased and worn secondhand products from other brands, justifying it with theContinue reading “Tiny Closet: only buying from sustainable brands”

Personal Note: ethical brand relationships & more life

  It was a nice slow day here at ASH (Akhlaghi-Shephard Home). Yesterday was a Wednesday that felt like a Sunday and today was a Thursday that felt like a Friday — must be a combination of short winter days and yesterday’s squall. I took advantage of a slightly lighter workday (unheard of in Q4)Continue reading “Personal Note: ethical brand relationships & more life”

Best Deals From EVERLANE’s NYE Sale!

Every year, twice a year, Everlane unleashes the BEST sale ever. Choose What You Pay is one of the best times to collect a few classic pieces from one of my favorite brands. Here are a few TON of my favorites from their sale this year. TRUST ME, prepare to have a very full shopping cart!   SHOESContinue reading “Best Deals From EVERLANE’s NYE Sale!”

Thrifted Favorites

Mid-summer, mid-year, is a great time to revise your closet and bring in a few new pieces while donating any you end up removing. I always feel that thrift stores carry tons of hidden gems and every time I walk into one I’m taken back to when I first started thrifting almost a decade ago.Continue reading “Thrifted Favorites”

Sustainable Wears: EVERLANE

Timeless, high quality, modern pieces that last through trends and tons of wear. Founded on the principles of quality, ethics, and transparency Everlane is showing that in the world of “fast fashion” investing in your wardrobe can be the right move.   At Everlane, we want the right choice to be as easy as puttingContinue reading “Sustainable Wears: EVERLANE”