Pickling: Red Onions & Peppercorns

  Pickling is possibly the easiest and fastest way to transform your foods. This method, in particular, for pickling red onions takes about 10 minutes (of work) for crunchy, acidic, and sweet onions that will last up to a month in the refrigerator. The best part about pickling is that, unlike canning, you don’t needContinue reading “Pickling: Red Onions & Peppercorns”

Checking In: Ready for Spring

  For the past several weeks my Pinterest has become more and more of a solace to me. A place to ignore the dropping temperatures outside and focus on cultivating a very warm feeling inside. I’m filling my thoughts with woven totes, linen dresses, airy morning light, and menus planned around soon-to-be-in-season vegetables. Thoughts ofContinue reading “Checking In: Ready for Spring”

make believe: a soft, spring welcome

  While autumn and winter are my favorite seasons, lately I’m finding myself craving sping. I don’t know if this is because of the recent temperature drop or because winters in the northeast USA tend to last about five months, but I cannot get the thought of spring out of my mind. Just imagining theContinue reading “make believe: a soft, spring welcome”

A Very Fluffy Spring

It’s mid-April and yet spring weather still hasn’t quite come to DC. With temps still regularly dipping below 40 I’m taking every opportunity to break out some of my more eclectic, cool weather wear. One of my all-time very pieces is this Bebe white, fur coat. I remember picking up this coat several seasons ago,Continue reading “A Very Fluffy Spring”

make believe: fresh, green spring

Kermit doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It’s pretty easy to be green. It’s an earthy color full of vivacity and life, and incredibly wearable. I’ve been having a serious green moment lately, particularly with how different shades of green hold different meanings and feelings. The first time I wore green eyeshadow I felt invincible.Continue reading “make believe: fresh, green spring”