Sourdough (Discard) Flakey Biscuits

You’ll notice in the photos that there are five biscuits, while this recipe makes six. That is because I am someone who lacks the self-control to wait until after photos to snack and, frankly, I hope that never changes. This recipe was born of necessity. Cultivating and maintaining sourdough starter is an absolute joy. ThrowingContinue reading “Sourdough (Discard) Flakey Biscuits”

Sourdough (Discard) Date & Walnut Bread

Today is Day 23 of self-quarantining amid Covid-19 and I am going stir crazy. I’ve found that the only thing that is keeping me a little on the ‘zen’ side of things is consistent time journaling and consistent time in my kitchen. While exploring a different style of bread baking and attempting to quell aContinue reading “Sourdough (Discard) Date & Walnut Bread”