On Nourishing: Drawing Power from Powerful Women Around Me

  I start my mornings the same way. And while they’ve evolved slightly since I first reported on my morning a few things haven’t changed. I still wake up with several minutes of cat-cow. I still oil pull…most days. I still enjoy a cup of tea or coffee first thing. Newer additions include a fewContinue reading “On Nourishing: Drawing Power from Powerful Women Around Me”

Personal Note: a sacred pause

Earlier this week I started fully processing the grief that has been piling up in me over the past year. A combination of losing so many people, who mean so much to me, manifested itself into an anxiety attack, my first in several years. As I came down from the attack a friend gave meContinue reading “Personal Note: a sacred pause”

On Reflection: What a Structured Morning Has Done for My Well-being

  One month ago I attended a wellness weekend here in NYC that was put on by Mejuri. Post-event I was so motivated I sat down and quickly penned a few promises to myself about what my new goals were and how I wanted to implement changes in my life. My overall goal was fairlyContinue reading “On Reflection: What a Structured Morning Has Done for My Well-being”

In My Home: Smudging, Saging, and Cleansing

My First Time Sage is all the rage. In the world of holistic and internal wellness, burning sage is quite literally in Vogue. I purchased my first bundle over two years ago and trust me, it was 90% sticks. Knowing absolutely nothing about the practice of smudging, I lit my twig bundle, ran around myContinue reading “In My Home: Smudging, Saging, and Cleansing”

Energetically Clear Your Space {smudging, saging, cleansing}

While smudging seems easy enough there are several steps that when skipped can take a very spiritual and calming experience and turn it into one that leaves you with more questions than answers. My first experience with smudging was definitely not as magical as I thought it would be, but after a few false starts,Continue reading “Energetically Clear Your Space {smudging, saging, cleansing}”

On Nourishing: Small Ways to Destress

  Without the reward of a post-week, poolside margarita, stress can really compound. Especially as September is just as important as a new year, and there’s a lot going on. Add these ten little tricks to your daily schedule to stay stress-free, year round.   Morning Rituals Mornings set the tone for the day. BrewContinue reading “On Nourishing: Small Ways to Destress”