Personal Note: Answering All Your Questions

View this post on Instagram After 18 months in NYC, I’ve returned to DC for the rest of my life. I moved about a week ago and ever since have been fielding DMs of ‘why?’ and more specific questions. Walking the line between personal privacy and wanting to keep you all in the know, here’sContinue reading “Personal Note: Answering All Your Questions”

Quarantine: Day 65

Paragraph: Written. Paragraph: Deleted. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. That’s been the feeling lately. I usually keep personal frustrations and struggles off of the blog until I feel like I have some clarity. Mostly because I don’t want this to become a space where I lament and you all listen, like some egalitarian therapist office. That’s notContinue reading “Quarantine: Day 65”

Checking In: Ready for Spring

  For the past several weeks my Pinterest has become more and more of a solace to me. A place to ignore the dropping temperatures outside and focus on cultivating a very warm feeling inside. I’m filling my thoughts with woven totes, linen dresses, airy morning light, and menus planned around soon-to-be-in-season vegetables. Thoughts ofContinue reading “Checking In: Ready for Spring”

Personal Note: political views

  For my 100th article (!!!), I wanted to touch base about a recently received Instagram DM that asked told me to “stop talking about politics”, with the threat that they would unfollow me if I didn’t. I politely wrote back this: Hi, thanks for letting me know how you feel. After considering your requestContinue reading “Personal Note: political views”

On Reflection: The Long and Short of It {my hair}

  Short. Light. Dark. Blonde. Long black.   No, it’s not how I take my coffee. It’s what I’ve done to my hair over my 20 plus year history of fighting and eventually succumbing to embracing its natural form. Fiery red. Growing up I always had very long, shiny, baby blonde hair, but when IContinue reading “On Reflection: The Long and Short of It {my hair}”

On Reflection: My Year In Books 2019

  This year was one of the toughest I’ve had, ever. Stepping through each month, week, day presented new challenges and I found myself drawn back to reading as an escape. I was always a big reader as a kid. I was the stay up till 3 am to finish a good story or readContinue reading “On Reflection: My Year In Books 2019”

On Reflection: 2010 to 2020

  As I write this, at the end of November 2019, I’m cooking my internal organs with a 101 fever, desperate for all of this flu to leave my body, and distracting myself with any tedious task I can (that doesn’t involve moving my pounding, migraine-filled head). About two hours ago I settled on theContinue reading “On Reflection: 2010 to 2020”