The Long Walk to Our Social [Distancing] Club

The only time I am venturing outside of my apartment lately is for trips to the grocery store. I pick moments when there are the fewest number of people out, wear my face mask, and embrace the moment of fresh air. This past weekend I extended my outside-of-the-apartment-time by two blocks in order to ‘visit’Continue reading “The Long Walk to Our Social [Distancing] Club”

In My City: Regalia Roasting Collective

When I moved into the area the first thing I did was scope out for a new favorite café. What I found wasn’t a café exactly (it lacks our favorite aspect: the bakery), but makes up for it with a coffee situation many only dream of. Regalia Roasting Collective is a space where local coffeeContinue reading “In My City: Regalia Roasting Collective”