Tiny Closet: wintry outerwear

  I have never owned a big, down parka. Developing a minimalist wardrobe means being cautious with what comes into my closet and how it can be used and stored. A big, bulky parka only used for two to three months of the year hasn’t made the cut yet, but after spending December 2018 toContinue reading “Tiny Closet: wintry outerwear”

Living Small: responsible decluttering

  As previously mentioned my closet is bursting.  It’s filled to the brim and holds more clothes than I remember purchasing. When deciding to slim down my closet there are two main reasons for it: one, there’s the simplicity of maintaining and utilizing a lighter closet and two, it’s more environmentally sustainable to adopt goodContinue reading “Living Small: responsible decluttering”

On My Mind: releasing past patterns

  I’ve always been a things person. I like things, I surround myself with them and growing up in a large home in the country facilitated this. I grew up on over 10 acres of land, consistently surrounded by both nature and things. There’s a comfortability in it. I’m used to seeing a full basement of bits andContinue reading “On My Mind: releasing past patterns”

Grungy, Rock, Vintage.

It’s the end of July … too early to be thinking about dressing for the Fall? I didn’t think so either. My favorite season is still several weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped me from aggressively planning the vibe. Over the past year, I’ve dipped my toes into several styles trying to find what feelsContinue reading “Grungy, Rock, Vintage.”

On Reflection: What a Structured Morning Has Done for My Well-being

  One month ago I attended a wellness weekend here in NYC that was put on by Mejuri. Post-event I was so motivated I sat down and quickly penned a few promises to myself about what my new goals were and how I wanted to implement changes in my life. My overall goal was fairlyContinue reading “On Reflection: What a Structured Morning Has Done for My Well-being”

In My Home: Smudging, Saging, and Cleansing

My First Time Sage is all the rage. In the world of holistic and internal wellness, burning sage is quite literally in Vogue. I purchased my first bundle over two years ago and trust me, it was 90% sticks. Knowing absolutely nothing about the practice of smudging, I lit my twig bundle, ran around myContinue reading “In My Home: Smudging, Saging, and Cleansing”

In My Home: Organizing a Small Space

  Organizing your home is a dreaded task. Sometimes you come in from work and just throw clothes on the floor, bags on your desk and keys all over the place. It’s easy to do. Your desk might be organization heaven, but your home may suffer because you’re putting it off.   Luckily there areContinue reading “In My Home: Organizing a Small Space”

Skincare Meets Makeup {Glossier}

I haven’t always been very skincare conscious, but a trip to Paris in the spring of 2016 changed all of that. Since then my skincare has become a high finessed routine with each product undergoing an extreme vetting process. It makes me months to fall in love with a product and it’s tough to breakContinue reading “Skincare Meets Makeup {Glossier}”