On Reflection: The Long and Short of It {my hair}

  Short. Light. Dark. Blonde. Long black.   No, it’s not how I take my coffee. It’s what I’ve done to my hair over my 20 plus year history of fighting and eventually succumbing to embracing its natural form. Fiery red. Growing up I always had very long, shiny, baby blonde hair, but when IContinue reading “On Reflection: The Long and Short of It {my hair}”

My Favorite Products for 2C/3A Curls

I’m deeply invested in my skincare, as well as in my haircare and I’ve found that finding the best line up for your wavy/curly hair can be a lifelong task. Curls change with the season, day to day with the humidity, and they even change as you age. I have a mix of 2C wavesContinue reading “My Favorite Products for 2C/3A Curls”