On Nourishing: Drawing Power from Powerful Women Around Me

  I start my mornings the same way. And while they’ve evolved slightly since I first reported on my morning a few things haven’t changed. I still wake up with several minutes of cat-cow. I still oil pull…most days. I still enjoy a cup of tea or coffee first thing. Newer additions include a fewContinue reading “On Nourishing: Drawing Power from Powerful Women Around Me”

Personal Note: adapt. react. readapt. apt.

*100 Schrute Bucks to anyone who gets that reference*   Let’s get into it. A few weeks (months?) ago I took about five full days away from IG and it finally gave me the space to realize what I want to change about how I interact with the app, what I bring to it, andContinue reading “Personal Note: adapt. react. readapt. apt.”

Dear Molly, I feel directionless. How do I find my “north”?

I feel like I’m just floating around in life and have no idea where I’m headed. I’d like to have more of a “north”, like a calling. But I don’t know how to find that…   When I have moments of “Where am I headed?” (like we all do) I have two prompts that IContinue reading “Dear Molly, I feel directionless. How do I find my “north”?”

Dear Molly, I Don’t Want to Be a Quitter.

Why do I always give up on things I was once so excited about? It feels like the second something gets difficult or doesn’t go my way, I give up. It’s become a running joke of how much a quitter I am. I know it’s a confidence issue, but how do I fix this?  Continue reading “Dear Molly, I Don’t Want to Be a Quitter.”

Dear Molly, I’m Searching for Confidence.

I’ve been really interested in starting an Instagram page for my photography, but I’m not sure where to start. Every time I start posting my photos I get really self-conscious and end up deleting all of them. I tried starting a new account, but am still struggling with what all my friends and family willContinue reading “Dear Molly, I’m Searching for Confidence.”

How to learn to follow through, foster your goals, and complete them

PERSONAL STORY One day, when I was in elementary school I learned the word “quit” and immediately wanted to test it out. I went home and told my mom “I want to quit piano” and with five kids who each had a million after school activities, she was happy to have one less thing toContinue reading “How to learn to follow through, foster your goals, and complete them”

On Why: You should make a resolution every day

It’s February 1st, how’s your NYE resolution going? Every year, right after the ball drops, the same question ripples through the room “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?” I’ve found, in my own experience, the practice of setting NYE resolutions to be a futile effort. They are always either unrealistic, too ambitious, or simply not alignedContinue reading “On Why: You should make a resolution every day”

Checking In: a new look, a new outlook

Hello 🙂 Things here may look a little different than you’ve previously seen on my site. I wouldn’t call this a complete “re-vamp”, but withMolly has definitely seen a few changes over the past several months. About six months ago I found that using Wix.com was not conducive to my goals for the blog. ContraryContinue reading “Checking In: a new look, a new outlook”

make believe: warm neutrals & a place to curl up

Have you ever seen the way cream folds into coffee? It’s heavenly. There’s something about warm neutrals that is so relaxing, comforting and homey. I think part of being drawn to white and cream is also drawn to its renewal significance. It’s the blank slate everyone wishes they had. It makes you feel fresh andContinue reading “make believe: warm neutrals & a place to curl up”

Checking In: where we’re going

“Enjoy yourself; that’s what your 20s are for. Your 30s are to learn the lessons. Your 40s are to pay for the drinks.” Sex and the City   Sadly I have to disagree with one of my favorite, fictitious (although she’s quite alive in my mind) characters, Carrie Bradshaw. Your 20s are for more thanContinue reading “Checking In: where we’re going”