On Nourishing: Drawing Power from Powerful Women Around Me

  I start my mornings the same way. And while they’ve evolved slightly since I first reported on my morning a few things haven’t changed. I still wake up with several minutes of cat-cow. I still oil pull…most days. I still enjoy a cup of tea or coffee first thing. Newer additions include a fewContinue reading “On Nourishing: Drawing Power from Powerful Women Around Me”

On Why: Learning to Love Your Likeability

  “When you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.” One of my favorite quotes and believed to be said by Alexander Hamilton (but that detail has blurred since the 18th-century). I always find it remarkable how someone living so long ago, in such a different way could have said something that still profoundly resonatesContinue reading “On Why: Learning to Love Your Likeability”

6 Feminist Principles Your Relationship Needs

  Everything in a relationship doesn’t need to be “equal”. There no keeping score. There’s no required reciprocity. Reciprocity itself is incredibly important, but it should be selflessly motivated. Not prompted based on guilt of what the other person has previously done or in anticipation of what they may do. BDSM, when practiced correctly, canContinue reading “6 Feminist Principles Your Relationship Needs”

On Why: I Switched to A Menstrual Cup

The average woman will have her period for 40 years and have approximately 13 cycles per year. Totaling approximately 520 periods over her life. Within each period she’ll use about 20 tampons (5 tampons per day for a 4 day period). This totals 10,400 tampons in a lifetime. These often end up in landfills (orContinue reading “On Why: I Switched to A Menstrual Cup”

On Reflection: What a Structured Morning Has Done for My Well-being

  One month ago I attended a wellness weekend here in NYC that was put on by Mejuri. Post-event I was so motivated I sat down and quickly penned a few promises to myself about what my new goals were and how I wanted to implement changes in my life. My overall goal was fairlyContinue reading “On Reflection: What a Structured Morning Has Done for My Well-being”

On Why: Beauty is Your Birthright

  I prefer my shower temperature somewhere between scalding and boiling. You know all those hot and heavy shower sex scenes? Not in my future. I’ve yet to meet another human who likes their showers nearly as toasty. But I’m about to make a big switch. I’m going to start taking cold showers. Pause for reactionContinue reading “On Why: Beauty is Your Birthright”