Personal Note: adapt. react. readapt. apt.

*100 Schrute Bucks to anyone who gets that reference*   Let’s get into it. A few weeks (months?) ago I took about five full days away from IG and it finally gave me the space to realize what I want to change about how I interact with the app, what I bring to it, andContinue reading “Personal Note: adapt. react. readapt. apt.”

On Reflection: My First Year Blogging

The past year has been incredibly transformative for both me and the blog. What started as a little project with zero page views has catapulted into a truly amazing space where I get to share all my feelings, tips, and advice with more than 17,500 of you each month. When I started with Molly IContinue reading “On Reflection: My First Year Blogging”

Checking In: a new look, a new outlook

Hello 🙂 Things here may look a little different than you’ve previously seen on my site. I wouldn’t call this a complete “re-vamp”, but withMolly has definitely seen a few changes over the past several months. About six months ago I found that using was not conducive to my goals for the blog. ContraryContinue reading “Checking In: a new look, a new outlook”