Bread Baking: Terms & Techniques

Getting into bread baking more and more involved learning a lot of gargon and (unsurprisingly) a lot of French. I found the more that I write about baking, bread, sourdough, etc I end up repeating myself or that I need to pause a train of thought to ‘decode’ paragraphs for readers. Below is a listContinue reading “Bread Baking: Terms & Techniques”

Sourdough (Discard) Flakey Biscuits

You’ll notice in the photos that there are five biscuits, while this recipe makes six. That is because I am someone who lacks the self-control to wait until after photos to snack and, frankly, I hope that never changes. This recipe was born of necessity. Cultivating and maintaining sourdough starter is an absolute joy. ThrowingContinue reading “Sourdough (Discard) Flakey Biscuits”

On Why: Sourdough Starter Issues & FAQs

  Several weeks ago I posted this article, to better familiarize you all with starters and *hopefully* show that creating and owning a starter is fun, rewarding, and not nearly as difficult as it may seem at face value. Since posting I’ve been getting a lot of troubleshooting questions on Instagram and I wanted toContinue reading “On Why: Sourdough Starter Issues & FAQs”

Sourdough (Discard) Date & Walnut Bread

Today is Day 23 of self-quarantining amid Covid-19 and I am going stir crazy. I’ve found that the only thing that is keeping me a little on the ‘zen’ side of things is consistent time journaling and consistent time in my kitchen. While exploring a different style of bread baking and attempting to quell aContinue reading “Sourdough (Discard) Date & Walnut Bread”

Sourdough Bread 101

  “Any kitchen can become an ecosystem. If you bake a lot, your kitchen will become a happy home to wild yeasts, and all your bread will taste better. Even a failed loaf is not wasted.” Erin Bow   Late December 2019, I decided to take steps toward the life I want to pass downContinue reading “Sourdough Bread 101”

make believe: neighborly love

  9:48 PM {my neighbor} Hiiii, can I bother you for one egg?  9:49 PM {me} Yes, of course! 9:50 PM {my neighbor} Thank you! Knocking now 🙂   My mother was always an avid baker. She would buy two large bunches of bananas, knowing that one would brown before our family of seven couldContinue reading “make believe: neighborly love”