Sourdough (Discard) Flakey Biscuits

You’ll notice in the photos that there are five biscuits, while this recipe makes six. That is because I am someone who lacks the self-control to wait until after photos to snack and, frankly, I hope that never changes. This recipe was born of necessity. Cultivating and maintaining sourdough starter is an absolute joy. ThrowingContinue reading “Sourdough (Discard) Flakey Biscuits”

Sourdough (Discard) Date & Walnut Bread

Today is Day 23 of self-quarantining amid Covid-19 and I am going stir crazy. I’ve found that the only thing that is keeping me a little on the ‘zen’ side of things is consistent time journaling and consistent time in my kitchen. While exploring a different style of bread baking and attempting to quell aContinue reading “Sourdough (Discard) Date & Walnut Bread”

make believe: neighborly love

  9:48 PM {my neighbor} Hiiii, can I bother you for one egg?  9:49 PM {me} Yes, of course! 9:50 PM {my neighbor} Thank you! Knocking now 🙂   My mother was always an avid baker. She would buy two large bunches of bananas, knowing that one would brown before our family of seven couldContinue reading “make believe: neighborly love”

Grungy, Rock, Vintage.

It’s the end of July … too early to be thinking about dressing for the Fall? I didn’t think so either. My favorite season is still several weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped me from aggressively planning the vibe. Over the past year, I’ve dipped my toes into several styles trying to find what feelsContinue reading “Grungy, Rock, Vintage.”

make believe: warm neutrals & a place to curl up

Have you ever seen the way cream folds into coffee? It’s heavenly. There’s something about warm neutrals that is so relaxing, comforting and homey. I think part of being drawn to white and cream is also drawn to its renewal significance. It’s the blank slate everyone wishes they had. It makes you feel fresh andContinue reading “make believe: warm neutrals & a place to curl up”