Tiny Closet: wintry outerwear

  I have never owned a big, down parka. Developing a minimalist wardrobe means being cautious with what comes into my closet and how it can be used and stored. A big, bulky parka only used for two to three months of the year hasn’t made the cut yet, but after spending December 2018 toContinue reading “Tiny Closet: wintry outerwear”

Living Small: responsible decluttering

  As previously mentioned my closet is bursting.  It’s filled to the brim and holds more clothes than I remember purchasing. When deciding to slim down my closet there are two main reasons for it: one, there’s the simplicity of maintaining and utilizing a lighter closet and two, it’s more environmentally sustainable to adopt goodContinue reading “Living Small: responsible decluttering”

Grungy, Rock, Vintage.

It’s the end of July … too early to be thinking about dressing for the Fall? I didn’t think so either. My favorite season is still several weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped me from aggressively planning the vibe. Over the past year, I’ve dipped my toes into several styles trying to find what feelsContinue reading “Grungy, Rock, Vintage.”

Four Looks for NYE That DON’T Require Sequins

It’s almost NYE which means you’re probably being bombarded with blog posts called “101 Ways to Shine In The New Year!”, all of which revolve around dressing like a disco ball. Sparkling is great, but if you’re like me you’ve blown plenty of $ on a sequin top or dress that you wore once andContinue reading “Four Looks for NYE That DON’T Require Sequins”

An Afternoon in Georgetown {Washington, DC}

90 degree heat with 90% humidity means I’m wearing as little as possible. This floral dress by Sanctuary is perfect for DC summers, light and floaty with a silhouette that hangs away from the body. I realized after shooting for over an hour that I had absolutely zero accessories, but honestly I love it likeContinue reading “An Afternoon in Georgetown {Washington, DC}”

Downtown in the District of Columbia

How is it already summer? Three weeks ago we were all wearing long coats and blasting the heat and today the high is 80 degrees. If it walks like global warming and it talks like global warming…. Am I right? Despite the freak warm/cold whiplash from earlier in the season this past weekend was beautifulContinue reading “Downtown in the District of Columbia”

Graphic Tee & Athleisure

The past few weeks have been non-stop so this weekend K and I decided to take it slow and do a little exploring in our own backyard (meaning we went for a 2 hour long walk around Northwest DC. I’m all about practical dress and keeping things easy, breezy when you’re committing to several milesContinue reading “Graphic Tee & Athleisure”

A Very Fluffy Spring

It’s mid-April and yet spring weather still hasn’t quite come to DC. With temps still regularly dipping below 40 I’m taking every opportunity to break out some of my more eclectic, cool weather wear. One of my all-time very pieces is this Bebe white, fur coat. I remember picking up this coat several seasons ago,Continue reading “A Very Fluffy Spring”