The Reborn Ritual

The Reborn Ritual will bring you back as you prepare to step forward. Leave behind all the little tensions that have built up your body after nearly 10 months of nurturing, nourishing, and growing life. Look ahead to your birth with a clear mind, strong intention, and the knowledge that your body was made for this. This ritual is carefully designed to support your emotional regrounding and physical rebalancing as you are reborn into motherhood (for the first, second, third, … time).

Here’s how: There are 5 factors that we look at when preparing for birth: power, psychology, passage, passenger, and position. This offering hopes to address 4 of those factors (as we cannot predict the power of your contractions).

This offering begins with a cacao ceremony for grounding and opening the heart space. Cacao is soul-warming and immensely beneficial during pregnancy as it contains magnesium and is shown to decrease the risk of pre-eclampsia by up to 70%. During this time you are welcome to ask me any questions you have about pregnancy, birth, doula work, etc or share any emotions that are coming up as you approach birth. This time speaks to our psychology approaching birth and helps to ground ourselves in the knowledge that birth is coming, address concerns, and feel calm and supported.

Once we relax the mind we can then relax the body through a series of balancing techniques to open the pelvis (passage) and encourage the baby (passenger) to find their way into LOA. When you are feeling ready we’ll move to the balancing postures. Through a mix of traditional rebozo techniques (passed down by Naolí Vinaver), Spinning Babies, and the Miles Circuit we will work together to create space for your baby and encourage her to rotate into the optimal position for labor and birth.

We’ll close with a 20 minute Mother+Baby Reiki session to seal the energies of ceremony and leave you feeling calm and connected. I will follow up within 24 hrs with any information you may need as well as options for maternal positions to be incorporated during early and active labor.

  • Regrounding cacao ceremony
  • Rebalancing, stretching, and release of the pelvis
  • Knowledge of fetal presentation and options
  • Postures to aid baby in presenting LOA
  • 20 minute Mother + Baby Reiki session
  • Availability by email for any emotions or questions that arise approaching birth

Investment: $500

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