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2019 Reading List

I used to be an avid reader. The type of person that would sit down a cruise a 400 page book in under 6 hours. I absolutely love to read and luckily for most of my life my formal…


4 Looks for NYE That DON’T Require Sequins

It’s almost NYE which means you’re probably being bombarded with blog posts called “101 Ways to Shine In The New Year!”, all of which revolve around dressing like a disco ball. Sparkling is great, but if you’re like me…


Best Deals From EVERLANE’s NYE Sale!

Every year, twice a year, Everlane unleashes the BEST sale ever. Choose What You Pay is one of the best times to collect a few classic pieces from one of my favorite brands. Here are a few TON of my favorites from…


All About It #2

Getting into the Fall/Winter season is always my favorite time of year. Fluffy, cozy layers? Yes, please! This year I invested in a few key pieces early on and I am OBSESSED. One glance at my IG feed and…