I still can’t tell if I love or hate running

I’ve started a habit of ending my run a few blocks from home to build in some cool down & gratitude time. I have a history of hating myself on the run and having a general self-deprecating outlook on myself as a runner (something I’ve been working on the past two years). I think aContinue reading “I still can’t tell if I love or hate running”

Natural Cycles: Hormone-free Birth Control

I don’t know that I ever anticipated being as open about my contraception use as I am. But after over a decade of using one method or another (and feeling a bit like a guinea pig along the way) I decided to stop all hormonal birth control back in 2017. I had my IUD removed,Continue reading “Natural Cycles: Hormone-free Birth Control”

On Nourishing: Caring for Yourself During a Quarantine

  I feel like I have seen dozens of posts like this go up on the past week, so was hesitant to create my own. However, something about several of the blog posts I’ve read regarding self-care over this quarantine don’t sound like self-care to me. They sound like work. They sound overwhelming. So IContinue reading “On Nourishing: Caring for Yourself During a Quarantine”

On Why: You Should Reach Out

*Disclaimer: This is not professional advice, it is based on my personal experience. This article should not be taken in the substitute of professional advice and guidance. Should you have any health, medical, or disability questions or concerns, please consult a physician or other health care professional.  WM makes no claims to the accuracy ofContinue reading “On Why: You Should Reach Out”

On Nourishing: My Complexion {true botanicals}

  A little over a month ago a got into a conversation with a brand I have been fawning over for years. True Botanicals is a beauty product line that rests on the ethos that skincare should be safe, natural, luxurious, and still effective. Unfortunately, as consumers, we rarely get access to all four withinContinue reading “On Nourishing: My Complexion {true botanicals}”

Sustain: women-led period care & sexual wellness

  Back in October, I had the opportunity to spend an evening with Sustain (the newest addition to the Grove Collaborative marketplace), a sexual wellness company that makes shame-free products for periods, sex and body. I was fascinated by what their founder, Meika Hollender, said about the current industry standard (or lack thereof) in feminineContinue reading “Sustain: women-led period care & sexual wellness”

On Nourishing: Drawing Power from Powerful Women Around Me

  I start my mornings the same way. And while they’ve evolved slightly since I first reported on my morning a few things haven’t changed. I still wake up with several minutes of cat-cow. I still oil pull…most days. I still enjoy a cup of tea or coffee first thing. Newer additions include a fewContinue reading “On Nourishing: Drawing Power from Powerful Women Around Me”

make believe: a sacred pause

  Last week, I published this piece and ever since can’t help but continually think about taking a sacred pause. Through my day of living in a city of 8.6 million, being packed like a sardine each time I use the subway to migrate around the city, and never quite having a “quiet moment” IContinue reading “make believe: a sacred pause”

On Why: Learning to Love Your Likeability

  “When you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.” One of my favorite quotes and believed to be said by Alexander Hamilton (but that detail has blurred since the 18th-century). I always find it remarkable how someone living so long ago, in such a different way could have said something that still profoundly resonatesContinue reading “On Why: Learning to Love Your Likeability”

When I was 21, I Donated my Eggs {Full Egg Donation Story}

April 2015 As I wake up and try to blink my eyes open, I realize that I can’t, because after crying for about an hour they’ve been welded shut. It’s the same story every time I go under anesthesia. I cry as I get put under, I cry during, I cry after. I’m so thankfulContinue reading “When I was 21, I Donated my Eggs {Full Egg Donation Story}”