12 weeks, Post-Miscarriage

I’m super proud of my current fitness, mentally and physically. It feels like a lifetime, it also feels like yesterday, but my miscarriage was only 12 short weeks ago. I’ve had intense moments in my life, disordered eating, sexual assault, but this was entirely different and the emotions that came with it didn’t have aContinue reading “12 weeks, Post-Miscarriage”

On Loving: How to Meet Someone Without Swiping Right

While sometimes I feel like the times of getting “set up” and meeting people out in the real world are behind us, those days are definitely NOT behind us. If they are then how are middle schoolers still falling in love with their classmates? (Trust me, they are. I get the DMs.) Meeting someone inContinue reading “On Loving: How to Meet Someone Without Swiping Right”