Chic, Travel-Friendly Style | LOU & GREY

Hi ladies! When I’m traveling I like to stay comfy, when I’m working I like to stay comfy, when I’m living my life I like to stay comfy. (I’m guessing you do too). But the flip-side of the comfy coin is that occasionally comfy starts to look sloppy and there are several places where youContinue reading “Chic, Travel-Friendly Style | LOU & GREY”

An Afternoon in Georgetown | Washington DC

90 degree heat with 90% humidity means I’m wearing as little as possible. This floral dress by Sanctuary is perfect for DC summers, light and floaty with a silhouette that hangs away from the body. I realized after shooting for over an hour that I had absolutely zero accessories, but honestly I love it likeContinue reading “An Afternoon in Georgetown | Washington DC”

FOLLOW | Best Style Instagrams

The best style blogs should not only keep you looking great, but also continually inspire you to try a new look, experiment with your own style, and look for any/every opportunity for a photo shoot. Here are a few of my personal favorites, what are your’s? Lindsi Lane @lindsilanestyle Marni Harvey @styleontherise MercedesContinue reading “FOLLOW | Best Style Instagrams”

Classic Style | EVERLANE

Timeless, high quality, modern pieces that last through trends and tons of wear. Founded on the principles of quality, ethics, and transparency Everlane is showing that in the world of “fast fashion” investing in your wardrobe can be the right move. At Everlane, we want the right choice to be as easy as putting onContinue reading “Classic Style | EVERLANE”

Dainty Jewelry | J & Co Jewellery

If you know anything about me you know how much I value low maintenance, effortless style. Especially when that style is classic, elegant, and durable. Yes, while durability and style don’t seem to go hand in hand it’s important to vet what comes into your closet, and yes, your jewelry box. Enter, J & CoContinue reading “Dainty Jewelry | J & Co Jewellery”

Jump(suit)ing into Summer

How is it already summer? Three weeks ago we were all wearing long coats and blasting the heat and today the high is 80 degrees. If it walks like global warming and it talks like global warming…. Am I right? Despite the freak warm/cold whiplash from earlier in the season this past weekend was beautifulContinue reading “Jump(suit)ing into Summer”

Day to Night: Our Anniversary Weekend Away

Kevin and I spent this past weekend a touch outside of our home in DC proper, celebrating our four year anniversary! We traveled to the National Harbor in Maryland, only about an hour away with traffic, and totally worth the drive. It was the perfect “getaway” without going too far. We stayed at the GaylordContinue reading “Day to Night: Our Anniversary Weekend Away”