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  • The Long and Short of It

    {my hair}

      Short. Light. Dark. Blonde. Long black.   No, it’s not how I take my coffee. It’s what I’ve done to my hair over my 20 plus year history of fighting and eventually succumbing…

    31 January 2020
  • Beauty is Your Birthright

    DAILY RITUALS I prefer my shower temperature somewhere between scalding and boiling. You know all those hot and heavy shower sex scenes? Not in my future. Kevin is astounded at the temps that I…

    14 April 2019
  • My Favorite Products for 2C/3A Curls

    I’m deeply invested in my skincare, as well as in my haircare and I’ve found that finding the best line up for your wavy/curly hair can be a lifelong task. Curls change with the…

    1 July 2018
  • Skincare Meets Makeup


    I haven’t always been very skincare conscious, but a trip to Paris in the spring of 2016 changed all of that. Since then my skincare has become a high finessed routine with each product…

    11 June 2018
  • Favorite Face Masks from Sephora

    I’ve been a pretty avid masker for a few years now, and after several hundred (maybe thousands…) of dollars spent on different masks I’ve created a list of my absolute faves. A good face…

    31 May 2018