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  • Manifesting Moments : A Sacred Pause

      Last week, I published this piece and ever since can’t help but continually think about taking a sacred pause. Through my day of living in a city of 8.6 million, being packed like…

    18 January 2020
  • Minimalist Wardrobe / No. 3

    {wintry outerwear}

      I have never owned a big, down parka. Developing a minimalist wardrobe means being cautious with what comes into my closet and how it can be used and stored. A big, bulky parka…

    14 January 2020
  • 12 High Quality, Slow Fashion Brands

    I want my closet to be an externalization of my internal beliefs. If you don’t believe in child labour and poor working conditions, if you fight for social justice in your country, how can…

    10 January 2020
  • My Year In Books — 2019

      This year was one of the toughest I’ve had, ever. Stepping through each month, week, day presented new challenges and I found myself drawn back to reading as an escape. I was always…

    5 January 2020
  • January 2019 Truths That Are No Longer Mine

      As a society, we engage in a hypocritical game when it comes to growth. We like to mock our previous selves with self-deprecating photos and jokes, mocking the authenticity we used to adore.…

    2 January 2020
  • Manifesting Moments : Neighborly Love

      9:48 PM {my neighbor} Hiiii, can I bother you for one egg?  9:49 PM {me} Yes, of course! 9:50 PM {my neighbor} Thank you! Knocking now 🙂   My mother was always an…

    23 December 2019
  • Dear Molly, How Do I Get Past Imposter Syndrome?

    Lately, I’ve been feeling more and more like a fake at my job. I just got hired last month and I constantly feel like I’m am behind everyone else. There’s so much I don’t…

    11 December 2019
  • Learning to Love Your Likeability

      “When you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.” One of my favorite quotes and believed to be said by Alexander Hamilton (but that detail has blurred since the 18th-century). I always find…

    10 December 2019