Chic, Travel-Friendly Style | LOU & GREY

Hi ladies! When I’m traveling I like to stay comfy, when I’m working I like to stay comfy, when I’m living my life I like to stay comfy. (I’m guessing you do too). But the flip-side of the comfy coin is that occasionally comfy starts to look sloppy and there are several places where youContinue reading “Chic, Travel-Friendly Style | LOU & GREY”

Skincare Meets Makeup | Glossier

I haven’t always been very skincare conscious, but a trip to Paris in the spring of 2016 changed all of that. Since then my skincare has become a high finessed routine with each product undergoing an extreme vetting process. It makes me months to fall in love with a product and it’s tough to breakContinue reading “Skincare Meets Makeup | Glossier”

Classic Style | EVERLANE

Timeless, high quality, modern pieces that last through trends and tons of wear. Founded on the principles of quality, ethics, and transparency Everlane is showing that in the world of “fast fashion” investing in your wardrobe can be the right move. At Everlane, we want the right choice to be as easy as putting onContinue reading “Classic Style | EVERLANE”

Dainty Jewelry | J & Co Jewellery

If you know anything about me you know how much I value low maintenance, effortless style. Especially when that style is classic, elegant, and durable. Yes, while durability and style don’t seem to go hand in hand it’s important to vet what comes into your closet, and yes, your jewelry box. Enter, J & CoContinue reading “Dainty Jewelry | J & Co Jewellery”