How to Fall in Love With Running

“Why do you like running?” “Have you always been a big runner?” “I hate running.” “I don’t think I could ever be a runner.” “Don’t you get bored?”   Above is a selection of DMs that I typically get on Instagram when I mention running, ultramarathons, or racing. And I get it, a lot ofContinue reading “How to Fall in Love With Running”

Race Recap {fire on the mountain 50k}

The Race On Sunday, November 3rd I ran my first trail race in nearly six years. Despite having a background in cross country, I was never a big trail runner. I loved it, but I didn’t do it often as the majority of XC courses are buffed (you won’t find technical scrambling or climbing onContinue reading “Race Recap {fire on the mountain 50k}”

Finding Limits: Multi-Stage Ultra Running

Ever since mentioning my entry in the Cape Wrath Ultra I’ve been getting a lot more running-related questions, as well as questions about my sanity and why a marathon isn’t long enough. I wanted to take a personal post to breakdown why, for me, a marathon just wasn’t enough. Please note that I do mentionContinue reading “Finding Limits: Multi-Stage Ultra Running”

Race Recap {the warriors ultrarun}

The race Yesterday I *officially* completed my first ultra. The Warriors UltraRun was a 30 mile race from Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, through Manhattan, and ending at Brooklyn’s Coney Island. We retraced the steps taken by the Warriors gang in the 1979 film by the same name. The rules were simple: run fromContinue reading “Race Recap {the warriors ultrarun}”

6 Feminist Principles Your Relationship Needs

  Everything in a relationship doesn’t need to be “equal”. There no keeping score. There’s no required reciprocity. Reciprocity itself is incredibly important, but it should be selflessly motivated. Not prompted based on guilt of what the other person has previously done or in anticipation of what they may do. BDSM, when practiced correctly, canContinue reading “6 Feminist Principles Your Relationship Needs”

Grungy, Rock, Vintage.

It’s the end of July … too early to be thinking about dressing for the Fall? I didn’t think so either. My favorite season is still several weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped me from aggressively planning the vibe. Over the past year, I’ve dipped my toes into several styles trying to find what feelsContinue reading “Grungy, Rock, Vintage.”

Four Looks for NYE That DON’T Require Sequins

It’s almost NYE which means you’re probably being bombarded with blog posts called “101 Ways to Shine In The New Year!”, all of which revolve around dressing like a disco ball. Sparkling is great, but if you’re like me you’ve blown plenty of $ on a sequin top or dress that you wore once andContinue reading “Four Looks for NYE That DON’T Require Sequins”

Best Deals From EVERLANE’s NYE Sale!

Every year, twice a year, Everlane unleashes the BEST sale ever. Choose What You Pay is one of the best times to collect a few classic pieces from one of my favorite brands. Here are a few TON of my favorites from their sale this year. TRUST ME, prepare to have a very full shopping cart!   SHOESContinue reading “Best Deals From EVERLANE’s NYE Sale!”

Thrifted Favorites

Mid-summer, mid-year, is a great time to revise your closet and bring in a few new pieces while donating any you end up removing. I always feel that thrift stores carry tons of hidden gems and every time I walk into one I’m taken back to when I first started thrifting almost a decade ago.Continue reading “Thrifted Favorites”

My Favorite Products for 2C/3A Curls

I’m deeply invested in my skincare, as well as in my haircare and I’ve found that finding the best line up for your wavy/curly hair can be a lifelong task. Curls change with the season, day to day with the humidity, and they even change as you age. I have a mix of 2C wavesContinue reading “My Favorite Products for 2C/3A Curls”