• make believe: a sacred pause

    make believe: a sacred pause

      Last week, I published this piece and ever since can’t help but continually think about taking a sacred pause. Through my day of living in a city of 8.6 million, being packed like a sardine each time I use the subway to migrate around the city, and never quite having a “quiet moment” I…

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  • Personal Note: a sacred pause

    Earlier this week I started fully processing the grief that has been piling up in me over the past year. A combination of losing so many people, who mean so much to me, manifested itself into an anxiety attack, my first in several years. As I came down from the attack a friend gave me…

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  • Weekly Loaf

    Weekly Loaf

      Grams & Percentages 1000 g flour (750 g bread, 250 WW) 800 g water (80% hydration) 250 g levain (25% inoculation) 20 g salt (2%)   Timeline 0:30h autolyse 5m slap & fold coil fold, every 20m 4:00h bulk fermentation Loaf A — no retard, baked immediately Loaf B — 24h retard bake (15m…

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  • On Reflection: My Year In Books 2019

    On Reflection: My Year In Books 2019

      This year was one of the toughest I’ve had, ever. Stepping through each month, week, day presented new challenges and I found myself drawn back to reading as an escape. I was always a big reader as a kid. I was the stay up till 3 am to finish a good story or read…

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  • On Reflection: 2010 to 2020

      As I write this, at the end of November 2019, I’m cooking my internal organs with a 101 fever, desperate for all of this flu to leave my body, and distracting myself with any tedious task I can (that doesn’t involve moving my pounding, migraine-filled head). About two hours ago I settled on the…

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  • On Reflection: January 2019 Truths That Are No Longer Mine

    On Reflection: January 2019 Truths That Are No Longer Mine

      As a society, we engage in a hypocritical game when it comes to growth. We like to mock our previous selves with self-deprecating photos and jokes, mocking the authenticity we used to adore. While simultaneously urging growth and hustle and daily betterment in our present selves. When do the scales tip? When does the…

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