• Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

    Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

    Is there ever a wrong time for a cinnamon bun? I grew up having them almost every weekend when my dad would get a Saturday morning craving, drive to Safeway, and come home with two Pillsbury rolls for our family of seven to share. Nearly two decades since my first memories of Saturday morning cinnamon…

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  • Quarantine: Day 80

    Quarantine: Day 80

    It’s been a minute… unintentional, but still incredibly long since I was on here. It feels like life is moving at a glacial pace and somehow big changes are happening every day, hour, minute. Most of those changes I’m not ready to share here, but it feels good to know the world is continuing to…

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  • Quarantine: Day 65

    Quarantine: Day 65

    Paragraph: Written. Paragraph: Deleted. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. That’s been the feeling lately. I usually keep personal frustrations and struggles off of the blog until I feel like I have some clarity. Mostly because I don’t want this to become a space where I lament and you all listen, like some egalitarian therapist office. That’s not…

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  • Weekly Loaf

    Weekly Loaf

    Grams & Percentages 500 g bread flour 400 g water (80% hydration) 118 g levain (23.6% inoculation) 8 g salt (1.6%)   Timeline 7:00 am — fed starter 11:50 am — start autolyse 1:00 pm — add levain with pinch over method (1:10h autolyse + 6:00h starter) 1:30 pm — add salt 2:00 pm —…

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  • Natural Cycles: Hormone-free Birth Control

    Natural Cycles: Hormone-free Birth Control

    I don’t know that I ever anticipated being as open about my contraception use as I am. But after over a decade of using one method or another (and feeling a bit like a guinea pig along the way) I decided to stop all hormonal birth control back in 2017. I had my IUD removed,…

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  • A Perfectly Simple Country White Loaf

    A Perfectly Simple Country White Loaf

    As a sourdough enthusiast and avid bread baker, I have absolutely adored seeing the bread boom of the past month. King Arthur Flour (my go-to) reported sending more flour in three weeks of March than in their entire holiday baking season (October-December) of 2019. That’s massive. With the baking boom does come a bit of…

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