12 weeks, Post-Miscarriage

I’m super proud of my current fitness, mentally and physically. It feels like a lifetime, it also feels like yesterday, but my miscarriage was only 12 short weeks ago. I’ve had intense moments in my life, disordered eating, sexual assault, but this was entirely different and the emotions that came with it didn’t have aContinue reading “12 weeks, Post-Miscarriage”

I still can’t tell if I love or hate running

I’ve started a habit of ending my run a few blocks from home to build in some cool down & gratitude time. I have a history of hating myself on the run and having a general self-deprecating outlook on myself as a runner (something I’ve been working on the past two years). I think aContinue reading “I still can’t tell if I love or hate running”

Make Believe: A Confident Day at the Polls

When we first learned about voting in school it seemed so easy, so straightforward. You vote for the person you want. The person with the most votes, wins. But my earliest memory of an election, in 2000, didn’t look like that. I couldn’t understand why each candidate seemed neck and neck with the popular vote,Continue reading “Make Believe: A Confident Day at the Polls”

Personal Note: Answering All Your Questions

View this post on Instagram After 18 months in NYC, I’ve returned to DC for the rest of my life. I moved about a week ago and ever since have been fielding DMs of ‘why?’ and more specific questions. Walking the line between personal privacy and wanting to keep you all in the know, here’sContinue reading “Personal Note: Answering All Your Questions”

Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

Is there ever a wrong time for a cinnamon bun? I grew up having them almost every weekend when my dad would get a Saturday morning craving, drive to Safeway, and come home with two Pillsbury rolls for our family of seven to share. Nearly two decades since my first memories of Saturday morning cinnamonContinue reading “Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls”

Quarantine: Day 65

Paragraph: Written. Paragraph: Deleted. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. That’s been the feeling lately. I usually keep personal frustrations and struggles off of the blog until I feel like I have some clarity. Mostly because I don’t want this to become a space where I lament and you all listen, like some egalitarian therapist office. That’s notContinue reading “Quarantine: Day 65”