I still can’t tell if I love or hate running

I’ve started a habit of ending my run a few blocks from home to build in some cool down & gratitude time. I have a history of hating myself on the run and having a general self-deprecating outlook on myself as a runner (something I’ve been working on the past two years).

I think a lot of it is the result of having a running history plagued with injury. They started in minor ways in high school and got much worse overtime. In college, I had a coach that watched me limp around campus and still refused my requests to take time off or skip a race. (Mind you this is D3 athletics so … WHY!?!)

Post college, I have continued to have all kinds of fun running pains, but nothing that a week off or a little extra icing didn’t solve. Turns out those band aids won’t work forever. In May I went to stretch my leg and felt the most intense burning, sharp then radiating pain. It felt like lightning. It hurt so bad it made me wince and tear-up, when touched. It hurt when I ran, walked, laid down. It instantly killed my thoughts of running a fall marathon.

I was positive it was a break or stress fracture.
Corey was positive it wasn’t.

In my mind, myofascial pain can’t be that intense, but in Corey’s experience it absolutely can. He drew up a little regiment for me and I took nearly 4-6 weeks off running.

I have been doing a lot of icing, rolling, elevation, compression. Anything and everything to help the inflammation. I have a roller and two type of myofascial sticks I rotate between. I started with little runs a few days ago. 2 or 3 miles at a time, with a full day off in between. Rolling before, rolling after. Compression sleeves on the run (which I personally hate the look of but, wow, they are incredibly helpful).

I couldn’t tell you exactly what went wrong, but what I can tell you is that our current solution is working.

So … a fall marathon is back on the table. I’m confident that between now and November 1st I can be ready.

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