Make Believe: A Confident Day at the Polls

When we first learned about voting in school it seemed so easy, so straightforward. You vote for the person you want. The person with the most votes, wins.

But my earliest memory of an election, in 2000, didn’t look like that. I couldn’t understand why each candidate seemed neck and neck with the popular vote, but within the electoral college one was pulling ahead. And in fact, at the end of that election the candidate with the most votes did not win

I still don’t get this system. It’s not that I don’t understand it or know its origins, it’s because the electoral college is fucked up. Like seriously fucked up

But regardless of that, it’s important to greet your ability, opportunity, and privilege to participate in our democracy as just that: a privilege. And because you, like me, may need to set the stage to feel more prepared I’ve pulled together a little list of bits for you on November 3rd. All ethical, same as our president should be.

Here are a few things to make your day at the polls something to look forward to:

a snuggly pair to keep you warm against chilly morals.

to make the potential for long lines a little more comfortable.

something red, white, and blue.

for the little ones you’re setting an example for.

to care for yourself after a long day.

Wishing you warm thoughts and thank you for participating in our democracy.

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