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The Long Walk to Our Social [Distancing] Club

19 April 2020

The only time I am venturing outside of my apartment lately is for trips to the grocery store. I pick moments when there are the fewest number of people out, wear my face mask, and embrace the moment of fresh air.

This past weekend I extended my outside-of-the-apartment-time by two blocks in order to ‘visit’ with friends. I buzzed their apartment, left gifts of sourdough starter and a half loaf of freshly baked bread on their stoop, and stood over six feet away when waving hello and exchanging pleasantries.

The meeting lasted only a few moments before walking back to my own apartment and another three days of lockdown (until the next grocery trip), but was a reminder of the normalcy that still exists out in the world. Covid-19 has been incredibly isolating, but seeing friends, albeit not seeing their faces, has made for a few moments of comradery and feeling like there is an end in sight.


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