make believe: a quiet quarantine

I’m currently on day seven of social distancing. With COVID-19 raging across the United States and examples of the extreme circumstances in other countries, I’ve made the decision to distance myself from the New York City society. I have ventured out a handful of times over the past week for groceries, and one late night ice cream run, but otherwise are staying inside. I was laid off from my full time job earlier this week (a side-effect of the virus) so I’ve been spending lots of time with the cats in our petite 750 sq ft apartment.

While this week has been difficult, especially considering my new ‘unemployed’ status, it has developed into an opportunity for deep reflection, introspection, and connection. As I wrote on my IG, I’ve been doing a lot of journaling lately. My greatest self discovery is that while I am scared to be unemployed it doesn’t make me unhappy. In fact, the result has been quite the opposite. I struggled to sleep the first few nights, but as my new life began to unfold (a new interview, a potential nannying position, a positional virtual doula client) I found myself feeling more and more peaceful. Friends have even said that over the past few days I’ve seemed more ‘relaxed’ and ‘quiet’. I feel like I’ve lived the previous several years in a frenetic, fussy state and I’m finally resting.

My hope is that isolation during this virus (whether chosen by your or by your city/country) has granted you a few moments of peace. Time to be quiet with yourself or with your family.


Here are a few things to make your days inside feel a little more like a choice and less like an emergency mandate:

a boost to your cellular nutrition.

somewhere to donate if you have a little extra.

something cozy to slip into post-bath.

a gentle place to sit and reflect.

a little fuel for a fiery night in with your someone special.

this little light with a big scent.

a new place to feel productive.



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