Weekly Loaf


Grams & Percentages

  • 1000 g flour (750 g bread, 200 WW, 50 g spelt)
  • 780 g water (78% hydration)
  • 175 g levain (17.5% inoculation)
  • 20 g salt (2%)



  • 3:00h autolyse
  • 7m slap & fold
  • coil fold, every 45-60m
  • 6:00h bulk fermentation
  • both loaves  — 12h retard
  • bake (20m on, 45m off)



  • Starter was very active — doubled in 3:30h
  • Best flavored loaves to date (very active starter)
  • Incredibly even crumb, even though it was slightly closer than I would have preferred (potentially from the slap & fold?)




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