Personal Note: political views

{2017 Women’s March}


For my 100th article (!!!), I wanted to touch base about a recently received Instagram DM that asked told me to “stop talking about politics”, with the threat that they would unfollow me if I didn’t. I politely wrote back this:

Hi, thanks for letting me know how you feel. After considering your request I’ve decided that I will continue to post “political” things.  To suggest that I bury my head in the sand or abstain from using the small platform I have for good is simply not something I will do. I’m glad you think my page is “fun”, but my ability to choose to separate the “fun” in my life from the real struggle and oppression of others, comes solely from a place of privilege and I refuse to exercise that privilege. I hope you continue to stay and join the conversation.

I haven’t checked, but I’m going to assume they unfollowed me.

I’m not shy about how I feel, politically or otherwise, and I have a personal history of activism, protesting, writing to senators, and publishing political pieces. I never considered keeping that piece of my life separate from the blog. How could I? How could I look at this opportunity to share a new viewpoint with someone, let someone know that they aren’t alone, let someone know that they have an ally? Would you?

This person who wrote to me is not the first, and they often say the same things about my “liberal agenda”. What’s interesting to me is that I don’t think of this as me having an “agenda”, I certainly don’t think of it as partisan, and to be honest, I don’t even think of them as political issues. Yes, there are issues that we need to resolve through legislation, but so many of these issues are human rights issues. Access to affordable healthcare, the right to choose what happens to my body, the right to seek asylum without being separated from your children, the right to speak out without fear of retribution from your government, these aren’t the rights of a US citizen, these are the rights of all humans. Everyone deserves these rights.

I don’t know what else I can say about it besides the fact that I will not be stopping.

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