On Nourishing: My Complexion {true botanicals}


A little over a month ago a got into a conversation with a brand I have been fawning over for years. True Botanicals is a beauty product line that rests on the ethos that skincare should be safe, natural, luxurious, and still effective. Unfortunately, as consumers, we rarely get access to all four within one brand. I’d seen the remarkable before and after images online and am obsessed with Laura Dern’s and Olivia Wilde’s skin (two champions of True Botanicals), so I was excited to get started and see if True Botanicals could gently coax my skin back from the mutiny it started several months ago.

For context, it would help to know where my skin was starting in a less than happy place. I never struggled with acne in high school or college, so I’m not as familiar as some with how to get my skin back in line after a break out (a brand new concept for me). In 2017, I stopped using hormonal birth control and while the rest of my body was incredibly happy with this shift, my skin was not and I started to get several deep nodules in the week leading up to my period. So long as I was patient for a few days they weren’t visually too bad, just incredibly painful.

However, at the start of 2019, I moved to New York City and the pollution wrecked my skin. Over the summer of 2019 the humidity, sweat, and pollution layered on my skin and I didn’t have a single day of clear, smooth skin. There’s nothing like several months of break out to destroy your confidence, especially as a blogger that is constantly posting selfies online. The compounding stress of breakouts and all the family struggles I was going through only exacerbated the issue.



I tried everything I could to help my skin. Expensive facials, masks, I stopped using physical exfoliants, washing my face more often, washing my face less often, stopping moisturizer and favoring oils, chemical exfoliants, changing to a “hormone-balancing diet” …

The list went on and on and I didn’t see a change. By the end of 2019, I was feeling pretty defeated.

When I started speaking with True Botanicals in early January the first thing they did was ask questions about my skin to determine what products would be best for me. This research seems so necessary to me, but not many brands offer this level of customer care. I was happy to find that this isn’t something uniquely available to collaborations! On their website is a skincare quiz that is designed to help you find the product line that best fits your skin and goals.

After determining that I had break-out prone skin they suggested that I try out the Clear line and sent me several products to try*. I decided that the best way to evaluate how effective their products are I should only use True Botanicals for a full month and then draw my conclusions.



The product line is naturally scented with sandalwood, helichrysum, and cypress and truly smells like a spa on your face. It quickly became my favorite way to start my morning and end my night. Calming, relaxing, and truly effective.

If I had to choose one “favorite” product it would definitely be the Radiance Oil. I used it morning and night, mixed it in my foundation for a smooth and glowy application, and even used it on my collarbone for date night.

One month later and I’m currently typing this while sitting in a coffee shop, sans makeup. No foundation, no concealer. Do I have perfect, airbrushed skin? Not yet, but I’m confident we’re getting there. I’ve seen a noticeable difference in any scarring I had on my cheeks, haven’t had any large breakouts as my hormones fluctuated over the month, and any nodules I had this month lasted less than a day.  I used about half of the bottle in a month and definitely see myself purchasing these products again once they run out.



* The products discussed in this article were gifted, however, all thoughts are my own. This review was written prior to a laser facial I received in February. During the trial month, I did not use other products/brands and I kept my diet and makeup routine the same.*

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