Tiny Closet: only buying from sustainable brands


Several weeks ago I wrote this post, highlighting my favorite slow fashion brands.  I’ve shopped at many of these brands for years, particularly Everlane, but only lately have I made sustainable brands my only clothing option. Up until now, I’ve still occasionally purchased and worn secondhand products from other brands, justifying it with the idea that I wasn’t directly supporting the brands if I wasn’t buying directly from them.

However, in looking down at my outfit right now, I’m finding that more and more I’m only wearing sustainable brands. Not only are these slow fashion brands filled with good karma, but they also are built to last. They are employing artisans around the world with responsible production practices, and they are worth my financial investment. I’m also finding that this shift in purchasing has led to a shift in style. In the frighteningly cold NYC winter I’m gravitating toward my cozy babaà knits, handknit bandana scarf, and wool fisherman’s cap inherited from my granddad. Each piece is meaningful to me, intrinsically special. Each piece is also timeless: the sweater is nearly 10 years old, the bandana knit in the late 90s, and the cap purchased in Greece while my granddad was in the Navy in the 1950s.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the consumeristic world we live in,  particularly with the glamorous fashion bloggers that post an outfit daily,  dressed head to toe in brand new pieces. But what I’m working on is the ability to shop my closet and be to be flexible in the look I’m going for. Those two skills,  once cultivated, will keep me on the journey started about a month ago.

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