A Letter to the Partner …

Dear Partner,

I am not here to replace you, I am here to support you.

Many partners are uneasy with hiring a doula as they worry about being replaced or overshadowed during the labor and birth experience. Please know that my role is to support both the pregnant person and you. I provide physical, emotional, and educational support, allowing you to focus all your attention on your loved one. I am your back-up, your support.

“As a new dad-to-be I was a little taken aback when my wife brought up the idea of a doula.  My initial impression was she wanted to bring in outside help to ensure she’d receive the care and support she needed.  This felt like a personal attack because that was supposed to be my role!  I couldn’t have been more wrong. From our initial interview of Molly she ensured I wouldn’t be an onlooker in this journey, but an active and important participant. I can’t imagine having gone through everything we did without Molly.  And I can’t imagine going through this again without her.  She’ll be our first non-family phone call if/when we have another child.”

Carlos G.

Do you feel like you’re reaching information overload? There’s a lot to learn in the months leading up to welcoming a baby. Having a doula is like having an expert in your back pocket. Someone that knows the aspects of labor and birth, can offer information and resources, and support you as you support your laboring partner. Birth is not only a physical process, but an emotional and psychological process as well. It can be very emotional for the laboring person and family.

Doulas are trained for this. We are prepared, ready, willing, and able to be right at the family’s side for the duration of the labor and birth experience. If you have any questions please reach out and I’d be happy to talk through doula work with you in more depth. 

I look forward to joining your team!

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