Are you considering a VBAC?

A VBAC is a vaginal birth after a cesarean and can cause a lot of confusion for a pregnant person and their partner.

Both the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the National Institutes of Health encourage healthy, pregnant mothers with a prior cesarean to labor for a VBAC. However, the majority of pregnant persons have a routine repeat cesarean and this number has been on the decline. In 1996, the VBAC rate was at 30%, but by 2012 that number fell to 10%. This may be a result of access to accurate information about VBAC (ex: the misinformation surrounding uterine rupture) and therefore people cannot make an informed choice. Of all the laborers who attempt a VBAC, 70-75% will have a safe and successful VBAC (

So is a VBAC right for you? That is something that only your care provider can assess. However, there are several online resources, like this one, that can help prepare you for a VBAC conversation. If you are in the NYC metro, consider attending an International Cesarean Awareness Network support meeting to learn more.



Additional Resources:






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