Personal Note: ethical brand relationships & more life


It was a nice slow day here at ASH (Akhlaghi-Shephard Home). Yesterday was a Wednesday that felt like a Sunday and today was a Thursday that felt like a Friday — must be a combination of short winter days and yesterday’s squall.

I took advantage of a slightly lighter workday (unheard of in Q4) and low-grade fever to indulge in a little “me time”. The blog got a major aesthetic update yesterday and I’ve been thinking more and more about its content, design, longevity, and where I want to go with it. Several months ago I decided that I was going to play out the brand contracts I had and focus on keeping all future contracts within my guidelines of ethical and representative companies. I’ve never wanted the blog to be simply a soapbox for myself, but rather a connection piece for advice, new ideas, and even material goods that are high-quality and consciously consumed.

The more I consider bringing more “lifestyle” into the blog, the more I’m realizing that I need to share more of my own life to do so. I’m naturally introverted and slightly more private about my goals and day to day life, but in the next chapter of WM I really want to bring you all with me.

Another goal of mine is to expand into more spaces and platforms. I gave Youtube a go (rip) and found that it wasn’t the right platform as I move forward. Maybe someday I’ll be a vlogger, today is not that day. However, I like the idea of having a space to share all my little favorite bits and bobs. A place where my day to day ideas, interests, and thoughts are reflected. Returning to my old Pinterest (which has been sitting unused since 2016) was a trip down memory lane. Reorganizing was a joy.



They have so many new features since the last time I was on (the “Sections” attribute really spoke to my Type A personality) and I had so much fun building little Boards and Sections and pinning away. I see why it’s catchy. This recipe, in particular, is calling my name but may have to wait. I have been patiently and methodically feeding my sourdough starter for nearly two weeks now to get it matured and flavorful and this weekend it is finally going to be time to bake this puppy into delicious loaves. I honestly cannot wait. I’ve completely shifted into soup mode — Seinfeld reference anyone? — and am looking for anything to dip my sourdough into.

That’s all for this little check-in. Admittedly this felt awkward to write, but I anticipate that’s the result of covering new terrain.

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