Dear Molly, How Can I Move Past That Embarrassing Thing I Did?

20 November 2019

Do you ever have those moments where you start to think about something embarrassing or cringe you did like six years ago? I can’t stop thinking about this one thing that happened and every time I do it’s really hard to feel confident. How can I move past it?


We all get those moments. We’ve all put our foot in our mouth or done something stupid and “cringy”. When that sort of a thought comes up it’s usually based on the feeling that everyone else knows or remembers that same experience. It puts you back in the moment, reliving the embarrassment.

When that happens to me I force myself to take a beat, relax, and then challenge myself to remember something embarrassing that someone else did in high school. And guess what? I can’t. And you probably can’t either.

We tend to write our mistakes in ink and mistakes of others in pencil. Be gentle with yourself. Not one else is thinking about your embarrassing moment, so why waste your time, energy, and happiness on it?




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