Let’s Chat: How You All Care For Yourselves During PMS


A few weeks ago I asked you all what your go-to methods are for when PMS strikes. I got responses from women between 16-36 and in that 20 years of menstruation experience, we have some seriously great ways of dealing with the cramps, headaches, breakouts, etc that come with your crimson wave.

Without further ado…


‘I focus on healthy foods that help me mentally feel better which is half the battle when I’m PMSing.’

‘I prefer curling up with a hottie than a heating pad because they don’t have to worry about cords, falling asleep with it on, and because a hottie tends to be “squishier” and more comfortable.’

‘I start detox and clay face masks 1-2 days before PMS to battle any breakouts. Not sure this one is dermo approved, but it’s my holy grail.’

‘Sending my boyfriend out for nearly everything is the best way I get feel supported. I have PMDD and on my worst days my boyfriend shines. He’s constantly fetching snacks, a heating pad, giving me back rubs, checking in with me, anything I need.’

‘Pain relievers. Midol, Advil, Tylenol. Anything.’

‘Taking a half-day at work on days the cramps are the worst so I can couch surf and focus on me.’

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