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Dealing with PMS


A few weeks ago I asked you all what your go-to methods are for when PMS strikes. I got responses from women between 16-36 and in that 20 years of menstruation experience, we have some seriously great ways of dealing with the cramps, headaches, breakouts, etc that come with your crimson wave. Without further ago…


Top Tactics –

/ Eating as healthy as possible, despite cravings. Avoiding the desire to binge on chocolate and salty foods help several women get past their worst days. One woman said that “focusing on healthy foods helps me mentally feel better which is half the battle when I’m PMSing.”

/ Using a hot water bottle for cramps instead of a heating pad. Several women said they prefer curling up with a hottie than a heating pad because they don’t have to worry about cords, falling asleep with it on, and because a hottie tends to be “squishier” and more comfortable.

/ Starting detox and clay face masks 1-2 days before PMS starts to battle any PMS breakouts. Not sure this one is dermo approved, but several women said it’s their holy grail for battling hormonal breakouts.

/ Sending the boyfriend out for nearly everything. A few of our ladies with PMDD said that on their worse days their partner’s shine, becoming near servants who are constantly fetching them snacks, a hottie, giving back rubs, etc. For you single ladies, dial-up your best friend 😉

/ Pain relievers. The number one suggested was Midol, followed by Advil.

/ “Taking a half-day at work on days the cramps are the worst so I can couch surf and focus on me.” 87% of respondents reported some version of TLC and me-time to combat the worst moment of their PMS. Everything from taking time away from work to canceling plans with friends, to paying for laundry/cleaning services instead of tackling these tasks themselves.

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