Personal Note: adapt. react. readapt. apt.

*100 Schrute Bucks to anyone who gets that reference*


Let’s get into it. A few weeks (months?) ago I took about five full days away from IG and it finally gave me the space to realize what I want to change about how I interact with the app, what I bring to it, and what I takeaway. I feel like the internet is full of these “epiphany” style posts, and that’s not what this is, this is a pivot.

On a walk last night, I started to spiral into my “here’s where the blog is and here’s where I want it to go” chats and found I was repeating myself, and that I had been repeating myself for weeks. I don’t see the future of the blog on Instagram. Do I see a presence there? Absolutely. Do I see it being the money-maker, the main focus? Not at all. In the past few months, I’ve spent so much time worrying about it and focusing on it that it’s pulling from what I truly love to do: write.

The blog is my website. Let’s pause and let that soak in. It’s my website. It’s my space to create, write, edit, adapt, react, readapt, apt. I do everything here for you. I want to create something that is worth your time and energy to read. I want you to gain something of substance from it, even if that thing you gain is “she is so wrong and here’s why…” I don’t see that same impact on an IG feed post.

When I started blogging it was as a creative outlet and I think I viewed “making it” as having tons of sponsored IG content, brand deals, promo codes, etc. Money, money, money. I’m currently in that position, where I continually have to turn down brand deals because I cannot take on the workload being offered to me. I feel so fortunate to get to work with such amazing brands and the volume has allowed me to be highly selective in who I work with. I prioritize working with companies that are led or founded by women, particularly women of color, and love every moment. I never work with fast fashion companies. I investigate every company I work with and ask myself “Can I ethically support and encourage others to support this type of a company, brand, CEO?” That is absolutely something that I want to continue in the future. Sharing those types of brands with you all is incredibly important to me and I want to expand and share them not only on IG but here as well.

So, on Instagram, to sum up, we’re having fun, you look young…but that’s not enough (another TV reference I hope you get). I’ve spent the past few weeks shifting my focus from IG to the blog and I am more in love with this space than I have been before. I’m turning down a lot of brand deals because they don’t want content on the blog, they just want a pretty photo on IG. Which I find a little odd because sure I have 13.8K followers on IG but the exposure of each post is maybe 1.2K. On the blog, I have over 20K monthly visitors, with each post getting about 2.4K views.

In the future, I am planning on pulling back slightly on IG content, specifically on the constant stories posting and focusing more on the blog. I’d love to build to posting 3-4 times a week and if that means not posting every single day on IG or seeing my IG followers count fall then I’m fine with that. My heart is, and has always been, in writing and creating. I love writing and editing, designing shoots, I love reading your messages, I love chatting with you all, I love hearing how you’re implemented my advice. I love every moment of this world. What I don’t love is when a pressure to post something, anything, on IG to compete with an algorithm.

It makes me stressed.

It strips the joy of creating, which is why I’m here in the first place.

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