In My City: Regalia Roasting Collective

When I moved into the area the first thing I did was scope out for a new favorite café. What I found wasn’t a café exactly (it lacks our favorite aspect: the bakery), but makes up for it with a coffee situation many only dream of.

Regalia Roasting Collective is a space where local coffee shops across Queens and Brooklyn can roast their beans with top-tier technology, but without taking on the overhead that typically accompanies the ability to have a unique flavor in your shop. The front of the shop has a small bar where coffee is brewed, cup by cup. They have over 15 blends and roasts and the ability to brew them in four different systems. Overwhelmed yet? I was. But the RRC team is incredibly knowledgable and after a few questions about my taste preferences I had my perfect cup brewing away.

Needless to say over the past several weeks they have become a weekend staple.

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